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We warmly welcome new patients from Fort Madison, IA and beyond. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional care and personalized treatment plans to address a wide range of conditions. Whether you are seeking sciatica treatment or looking to enhance your overall well-being, our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to provide you with the highest quality chiropractic care. Experience our compassionate approach and start your journey toward comfortable living by scheduling an appointment with Wondra Chiropractic and Acupuncture today.

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During your initial visit to our office, our primary focus will be on building a connection between you and your chiropractor. As expected, this visit will involve some paperwork. Furthermore, your chiropractor will conduct a thorough physical examination and, if necessary, take X-rays to gain insight into the underlying cause of your pain. We will also discuss your current condition and the objectives you have in mind.

After reviewing the results, we will collaboratively develop a personalized plan of action. This will involve discussing the specific treatments you will receive, any necessary preparations beforehand, and an estimated timeline for seeing improvements. Additionally, we will explore potential lifestyle adjustments that can assist you in reaching your goals.


We are dedicated to delivering exceptional chiropractic care in a state-of-the-art facility. The well-being of our valued patients is of utmost importance to us. When you visit our office, you can expect to be treated like family, as we create a welcoming environment where you will feel right at home.


If you would like to make an appointment, please contact our office by calling 319-372-7898. If you would like to request an appointment online, you may do so here (#request-appointment). A member of our staff will follow up with you directly.


We accept cash, check, major credit cards, and most major insurance providers. Please call our office (319-372-7898) to verify whether your specific insurance plan is accepted. Payment plans and schedules can be discussed upon request.


If you are unable to keep an appointment, we ask that you kindly provide us with at least 24 hours notice so we can offer this appointment to another patient. A fee may be charged if a patient does not show up for an appointment without sufficient notice.

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Is chiropractic effective?

Chiropractic care corrects imbalances and misalignments to restore the body’s natural ability to maintain optimal health. By revitalizing the spine through adjustments, interferences caused by misaligned vertebrae are eliminated. This allows the nervous system to operate smoothly, improving overall health and well-being.

Why should I see a chiropractor?

Chiropractic care offers benefits beyond addressing back and neck pain. It serves as a valuable approach to maintaining optimal body performance through nutrition, adjustments, and overall wellness. Furthermore, chiropractic care has been recognized for its potential to assist with various conditions, including fibromyalgia and diabetes.

What is subluxation?

Within chiropractic care, when a vertebra is displaced or moves from its typical position, it is identified as a subluxation. Subluxations may result from various factors – from a minor slip or bump to more severe incidents such as a car accident or any sudden trauma. A subluxated vertebra begins to exert pressure on surrounding nerves, blood vessels, and tissues. This pressure carries a high cost as it disrupts the natural pathways required for brain messages to be transmitted efficiently and effectively to be properly completed.

How does chiropractic care work?

Chiropractic takes a holistic approach, believing in the body’s ability to heal itself. The brain controls body functions through the spinal cord and nerves. When this system lacks optimal function, overall performance suffers.

Chiropractors avoid drug dependency and focus on addressing underlying issues rather than symptoms. Treatment may include nutrition and supplements for long-term solutions.

Chiropractors treat more than just back and neck pain. They address soft and hard tissue problems like sciatica and joint pain. Patients seek chiropractic care for conditions like fibromyalgia, allergies, insomnia, and headaches, among others.

What is a chiropractic adjustment? Is it safe?

Adjustments, also called manipulation, realign the vertebrae in the spine through small movements. This corrects misalignment caused by daily activities or traumatic events. Misaligned vertebrae affect the entire body system, including muscles and the central nervous system. Chiropractors use controlled pressure with their hands or specialized instruments to reposition the vertebrae. The process is quick and painless and may produce a cracking sound known as joint cavitation as gases are released from the joint.

What can I expect from my visit to a chiropractor?

Many of us approach visiting a chiropractor with a sense of novelty. Perhaps we’ve heard about it from a friend or conducted some online research. It could be that we’ve reached a point of frustration with persistent pain and feel the need to take action. In any case, the initial visit to a chiropractor primarily revolves around getting acquainted with the practitioner and having a detailed conversation about your medical history, present condition, and the goals you want to achieve.

What results can I expect from treatment?

Chiropractic aims to address imbalances in body structure and posture to promote natural healing. This requires unobstructed flow of signals throughout the nervous system. Chiropractors identify and correct misalignments caused by incidents like sports injuries or chemical factors like unhealthy habits. By seeking chiropractic care, professionals can restore the balance of your body, optimizing its performance.

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Spinal Wellness Tips


To support your body during prolonged standing, wear supportive shoes and maintain good posture. Lift your chin, pull your shoulders back, and position your feet shoulder-width apart. These steps promote a healthy spine and reduce strain while standing for long periods.

Working at a Desk

To maintain a healthy sitting position, take breaks every 30 minutes for stretches or a quick walk. Use a chair that supports your lower back with feet planted firmly on the floor and knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Use a stool or footrest, if necessary. Place your computer screen at eye level to prevent neck strain from looking downward.


Improper lifting is a common cause of injuries. To protect yourself, use a safe lifting technique. Squat down to the object with one foot ahead of the other, keeping your back straight. Lift the object by straightening your legs while maintaining a straight back and holding it close to your body. Avoid twisting while lifting and only pivot or turn your body when fully upright. When placing the object down, use the same technique.

Warming Up for Physical Activity

Before extended periods of work or play, it’s important to warm up your body. Even light activities like gardening or pushing a bike can lead to muscle strain or injury if not properly prepared. Take time to warm up your muscles and joints beforehand to reduce the risk of strain or injury.

Talking On The Telephone

When using the telephone for a long time, use a speaker or headset instead of cradling it between your neck and shoulder. This can strain muscles and vertebrae, causing discomfort or potential injury. Using a speaker or headset helps maintain a good posture and reduces the risk of strain or injury during prolonged phone use.

Resting or Sleeping

To prevent neck or back strain while sleeping, use a supportive pillow that aligns your neck and head with your spine. Avoid sleeping on your stomach to reduce stress on your neck and back. This promotes better spinal alignment and reduces discomfort or strain during sleep.


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